Here are some of the questions we get asked most often. Have a question not answered below? Give us a call on 07970 961 026 or click here to get in contact.

  • How big does my marquee need to be?

    The size of your marquee will depend on a number of things such as; how many guests you have invited, whether or not you want a dance floor, stage, tables, bar, etc.

    A rough guide is that a 9m x 18m (162 Sq M) marquee will give you room for approx 288 people standing, 144 people sitting and eating and 88 people if there is a dance floor. These figures can be altered depending on your exact requirements.

    Still unsure what size marquee you need? Call us on 07970 961 026  and we will be happy to help.


  • What if it rains? Will the marquee be waterproof?

    Yes –  our Marquees are fully waterproof and once constructed and properly anchored, our marquees are manufactured to withstand all but the strongest of storms (winds up to 60 mph) in accordance with EC Safety Standards.

  • Will there be damage to the lawn / ground afterwards?

    Marquees are normally secured with 2′ stakes which are driven into the ground but these do not leave any permanent scarring and, once removed, the holes soon disappear. The grass may suffer some discolouration but this, again, usually recovers within 10-14 days and we take every precaution not to damage flowerbeds.

  • How far in advance do I need to book?

    Whether you are a last minute planner or someone who likes to have everything in place a year in advance we can accommodate you. Just give us a call and we can look in the diary to check availability.

  • How much will a marquee cost?

    Prices will vary depending on the size of the marquee and additional extras you may choose to select. You can use our quote calculator or give us a call on 07711349727 to discuss pricing.

  • Will I need to buy Insurance?

    There are three options when it comes to the insurance cover on your marquee:

    1. You can pay us an optional damage waver which normally works out at around 5% of the total cost, which will give you complete peace of mind that your marquee is covered.
    2. You can cover the event on your own insurance.
    3. Or, you can take on your own risk and not cover the marquee on insurance but you would then be liable for any damage as a result.
  • I have uneven ground? Will I still be able to have a marquee?

    A bit of uneven ground is not usually a problem but steep slopes do not lend themselves to a comfortable event for your guests. If you have severely uneven/sloping ground it might be worth finding another site or using scaffolding to build a level area to erect the marquee on. If you are not sure if a marquee will be possible, please get in touch and we can advise you of the best option.

  • What other equipment can I hire from Peninsula?

    We supply all the equipment needed to provide light and power to your marquee. Usually power is taken from a normal household supply (either via extension leads from plug sockets or direct from the fuse box into a distribution board), but generators can be used when necessary.  More about electricity options. We can supply chairs and tables for your event which we sub-contract, we work closely with lots of local suppliers and can recommend someone from our address book for every other area of concern from toilets to catering, so everything for your event can be dealt with stress free.

  • How long will I have the marquee for?

    We normally erect marquees on Tue/Wed/Thu for a weekend event and take them down on Sun/Mon/Tue. This allows you, the hirer, at least one day (and usually more) to add your personal touch to the decoration of the marquee. We can be flexible in accordance with your requirements. Events during the week can be arranged, as required, subject to availability.


  • What is the payment and cancellation policy?

    There is a non-returnable deposit of 25% of the Hire Charge (plus VAT where applicable as detailed in the estimate). Payment of the deposit and the signed Schedule of Hire must be received within 14 days from the hire date. The full balance needs to be paid 14 days prior to the event.  In the event of a cancellation within 28 days of the event a charge will be incurred.

  • Will we need a heater?

    Modern marquee heaters are very effective and marquee construction is greatly improved, it is unlikely that any guests would feel cold (even in the depths of winter); marquees make ideal venues for Christmas and New Year parties.

  • Will the sides be removable if the weather is hot?

    The beauty of our marquees is that it is very simple to open up the sides to the fresh air which means that you can decide to use this option during the day. Don’t forget that it can be cold in the evening (even in the Summer) and you should be prepared to budget for some marquee heaters just in case. If you do not need them, you can always cancel the order nearer to the day.

  • Could the marquee damage underground wire / pipes?

    The marquees are secured by 2′ stakes driven into the ground; this can damage pipes and cables so we will need to know the layout of any such items. In addition, we will conduct our own site survey to check clearances to the best of our ability.

  • Do you do a site visit to check the marquee will fit?

    Yes, we always do a full site visit. We check for slopes, accessibility, overhead or underground wires, water supplies and electricity feeds to ensure your marquee will be in the optimum position and well supplied. Dependent on location our site visits are usually free of charge (a small fee may be charge for visits further afield) give us a call today on 07970 961 026 to book in your site visit.

  • What if I need to change something at the last minute?

    We will always be as flexible as possible in order to accommodate your needs. Our wish is always to make sure that your event is a total success and we will do everything we can to help within the limits of feasibility and the laws of physics!

  • If something goes wrong will I be able to contact Peninsula?

    Yes, we will be on hand to help and will provide you with a contact name and number should you need to contact us in the event of an emergency.