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Marquee events – the key questions to ask

So you have decided on a marquee to host your event. The next step is to book and get planning! Here are 12 key questions to ask your marquee supplier which will help you ensure the whole process runs as smoothly as possible:

Are you available?

An obvious but important question – if you have your heart set on a type of marquee, check that it is free first! During peak seasons make sure you enquire as early as possible to secure your booking. Many make bookings up to 12 months in advance for busy times so the sooner, the better.

What is included in your package?

Firstly, we would suggest making a list of all the things you need and want in your marquee i.e. draping, flooring and lighting. When you call, you can then run through the list and establish what can be included in your quotation. A good company will also be able to suggest potential extra’s you need, which you may not have thought of!

How long will I have the marquee for?

This is key to your planning and for co-ordinating other suppliers. It will give you a firm idea of how long you will have to decorate before, but also clearing down after the event. Good suppliers will be able to help you decide how long both before and after the event you’ll need.

How do you maintain your marquees?

You want your marquee to be of top quality and looking new. Make sure to ask how they are stored, maintained and cleaned before booking. You want a marquee which is safe, well maintained and aesthetically pleasing.

Is it possible to view a marquee before I book?

Following on from the previous question, you want to be able to have a look and feel of the marquee to see the quality for yourself, first hand. Most companies will have other local bookings which means you may be able to pop along and see the marquee fully set up. (Top Tip: Check the testimonials on the website to see previous examples of work, and if customers were happy).

Are your marquees suitable for winter events?

Marquee events are commonly associated with spring and summer, however more and more events such as Christmas parties, weddings and festivals are using marquees in the colder months. Check the Marquee will be warm enough and if heaters will, or can be supplied. Are the marquees weather proof and able to stand up to winds and storms?

What is the procedure after the event?

What happens after the party? When does your responsibility end? What is the procedure for closing the marquee overnight and securing the contents?

Fire Regulations, Health & Safety, Insurance – are they up to date?

You want to make sure any eventuality is covered and your guests can enjoy themselves in a safe environment. Ask your marquee company to run through the procedures with you prior to the event, then should something go wrong you are prepared!


Ask if you can see examples (pictures or swatches) of the furniture and extras. Can you choose any colour linings and carpets you like to match a colour scheme you have in mind? As with the marquee, check how these are maintained and when they will be delivered.

Can you order extra facilities?

Planning your event needs to be as stress free and easy as possible. Ideally you want to be ordering the majority of items from one supplier; this also has the advantage of one point of contact to liaise with.  If something cannot be supplied, ask for recommended suppliers who may be able to help.

What are the payment terms?

This is important if you are on a strict budget – do you have to pay an upfront deposit? What is the plan after? (Tip: make sure to ask for an itemised quote so you know exactly what you are getting for your money).

What is the cancellation policy?

In the unfortunate situation that you have to cancel your event make sure you aware of the time scales for cancellations so you don’t get stung with any nasty or unexpected fees!


If you have questions of your own we have a handy FAQ section to refer to throughout your planning, or give us a call we would be happy to help!

In addition to asking the above, make sure you do some research into the company, how long have they been trading? What kind of events do they supply? This will help you determine if they are the right fit for the style of the event you want. Have a look at our gallery to see some of the events we have supplied.




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